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About Us

Argentina Cunha, MD
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist 
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100% Physician Provided Services
Dr. Argentina will be taking care of you from initial consultation, to treatment and after-care. 

Dr. Argentina's Passion
With a background in Family Medicine, Dr. Argentina's goal is to help her patients achieve overall wellbeing and optimize quality of life.  She firmly believes the best way to good physical and emotional health and longevity is through nutrition and prevention.  Her special interest is helping her patients look and feel their absolute best.

Personalized and Customized
Every human is unique and special in their own way.  Dr. Argentina listens to each of her patient's aesthetic preferences and wellness concerns.   Together, she creates a tailored plan that is specific to the individual.

Wide Range of Treatments
Dr. Argentina focuses on a regenerative and natural approach to rejuvenation and facial balance.  Utilizing a powerful preventative and regenerative approach, she believes aesthetic medicine is something that anyone should benefit from at any age. 

Prioritizing You
Your safety and well-being are our top priority. Dr. Argentina chooses FDA cleared/approved treatements whenever possible. 

Warm & Welcoming:
Experience exceptional care in a comfortable environment.

Your Journey:
We're here to guide you towards optimizing the best parts of you with a boost of

Transformative Results:
Experience the power of regenerative and aesthetic medicine by Dr. Argentina!
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